RIFT 1.5 Ashes of History: Launch Day Guide

Blowing in like a whirlwind of embers, the RIFT Patch 1.5 is now live and has lit up new progression paths for tag team players and level 50s.

Dubbed the “Endgame for All” patch, the Ashes of History update caters to non-raiders who have been feeling left out in the previous patches. But that doesn’t mean raiders will be twiddling their thumbs for the next two months; a Master Mode dungeon is now open for all but the hardiest adventurers!

If you’re coming in fresh from World of Warcraft – or just a general MMO hiatus – this RIFT 1.5 trailer should get you up to speed. EpicToon also made a quick lookup of new features to help direct you to your next in-game conquest.

Chronicles Solo and Duo Dungeons

Not feeling the group spirit? Then venture into a Chronicles dungeon either solo or with another buddy. Soloers need to be uber geared to go at it alone, but a pair of “newly minted 50s” should have no problem clearing the dungeons, according to developers. These should also serve as an alternate gearing method for gamers who won’t or can’t group up with more players to take on raids.

New Warfront – Library of the Runemasters

For PvP fans, a brand-new Warfront is ready for action and is thirsting for some blood to be spilt. Library of the Runemasters is set deep in Hammerknell. It is the largest Warfront to date, hosting 40-vs.-40 brawls between the two factions.

Master Dungeon – Darkening Deeps

Raiders sitting pretty after clearing out Akylios and the rest of the Hammerknell raids will have a new kind of challenge to face up to: the Master Mode dungeon.

The lowbie dungeon Darkening Deeps was honored with the first Master Mode treatment, and will be punishing elite groups of Ascended that rise up to the hardcore challenge. Needless to say, the RIFT Platinum and gear rewards for these are comparable to the highest raids.

Veteran Rewards

Loyalists now have a way of showing off their subscription devotion. RIFT Veteran Rewards will be awarded starting Patch 1.5, and even now players are already donning the faction guard uniforms – or at least the disparate pieces they have qualified for.

The more faithful 6-month and 18-month subscribers are also testing out their mobile mail and vendor privileges. Past subscription months and future pre-paid plans will both be credited to unlocking your Veteran Rewards, so check out your account management page now.

Planar Attunement

Sayonara to the XP bar – or not! Level 50s who have long stopped caring about XP will now be chasing for more with the arrival of Planar Attunement, the EverQuest II-style system.

Your max-level character must finish a grueling Chronicle of Attunement first before unlocking this endgame advancement feature, and after which they can start earning XP again and spend them on stat, weapon, spell and plane resist upgrades.

Zone Events

Learning from the lessons – both good and bad – of previous world events, Trion Worlds takes a stab at another zone event, this time being careful not to end it too fast or too soon.

Your favorite Crystal Sourcestone currency has been removed. In its place, the Inscribed Sourcestone will now be dropping in all zone event activities like rifts and daily quests. Should your cup runneth over with Inscribed Sourcestone, you can even buy previous Planar Goods retroactively since Crystal Sourcestone currency costs will have been converted to Inscribed Sourcestone prices.

Still itching for the fine print notes? The RIFT 1.5 full patch notes is out and ready for your “pleasure” reading. See you in Telara and enjoy the new content!