RIFT Veteran Rewards keeps you armored and ultramobile

Trion Worlds wants you to get hooked hard on RIFT, rolling out a set of Veteran Rewards that will tempt you to stick around for the long haul.

For every month you stay subscribed to the MMO, the more rewards you accumulate, including six-piece guard uniforms (right pic) – that’s the  Centurion set for Defiants and the Sanctuary Guard set for Guardians – plus ultramobile vendor and mail conveniences.

Click on the image below to see the full list of Veteran Rewards that will be added this week when RIFT Patch 1.5: Ashes of History launches:

You may notice that the 6-month and 18-month milestones offer especially useful in-game items.

The half-year mark unlocks a portable Personal Vendor, a summon that lets you buy and sell stuff with RIFT Platinum minus the hassle of traveling back to cities. It’s a must-have for questing and also raid sessions, since it allows other players to unload their wares and purchase “special items” too.

Meanwhile, the one-year-and-a-half mark gifts you with a Mobile Mailbox that will let you send and receive parcels on the go.

RIFT producer Adam Gershwin also issued out some clarifications. He confirmed that previous paid subscription time will be retroactively credited for Veteran Rewards. This means that if you stuck around for three months, but are now currently unsubscribed, your accumulated Veteran Rewards will be at the 3-month mark, or a two-piece helm and shoulder freebie for your faction guard set.

Pre-paying for the multi-month plans also get credited instantly, so if you’re a loyal six-month veteran who renewed with 12-month plan, then you’ll be one of the few running around Telara with a Mobile Mailbox and a pair of uber rare pirate and skull helms.