Guild Allies and Adversaries to be matched in same SWTOR servers

Star Wars: the Old Republic may be taking its sweet time announcing a release date, but it’s certainly not letting up on the guild mobilization front.

Legions of fans have signed up for the pre-launch Guild program since it started last March, and today it moves into a more tactical phase with the activation of guild alignment.

“With Phase 2: Alignment, we are introducing new features which allow guilds to set their allegiance with other guilds in The Old Republic,” said BioWare in an official blog post.

Guild leaders and appointed officers can band together or contend with three other guilds by marking each guild as either an Ally or an Adversary. Cooperating or competing guilds have a higher chance of being placed together in the same server when the game officially comes out.

BioWare and EA offer no guarantees, only “reasonable effort” that Allies and Adversaries will be grouped up. Although it seems choosing the same server type (e.g. PVE and PVP and RP) could provide an edge for favorable clustering.

Guilds can also start mass recruiting now via e-mail. All new hires through this latest enlistment method will be added as instant guild members, allowing for better pre-launch camaraderie and SWTOR Credits fundraising.

For any questions, the Phase 2 FAQs should provide some Yoda-like enlightenment.