RIFT Patch 1.5 claws in next week, plus 10 new screenshots!

Find yourself coveting the sneak peeks for the upcoming World of Warcraft patch?

Don’t worry, Telarans, your own mega update is on the horizon — RIFT 1.5: Ashes of History is confirmed for launch next week, according to a media advisory Trion Worlds sent out yesterday.

To whet your appetite for this “Endgame for All” update, we’ve posted ten new screenshots that show off the solo and duo Chronicles, and new Warfront map.

We see here that Trion Worlds worked hard to bolster the number of Chronicles available at patch  launch. Some players predicted that only Hammerknell would make it in, but now we see that Greenscale’s Blight and the Chronicles of Attunement were polished in time for a bundled release.

For raiders looking for extra thrills, the Master Dungeon mode has been set for Darkening Deeps, turning the low-level encounter into a worthy challenge for “rebalanced elite groups of Ascended.” Expect the epic challenge to yield stacks of epic loot and RIFT Platinum.

Lore fans should also stake out the updated RIFT 1.5 game page, which seems ready to lay bare the storyline for the new update any day now.