Deathwing fight details — first look at Dragon Soul raid in WoW Patch 4.3!

Brace yourself for some major drama and destruction when Blizzard unleashes Dragon Soul, the third and final raid scheduled for World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.

Players will have to battle through eight bosses, including a three-stage Deathwing fight in the Maelstrom vortex, to prevent the dreaded Twilight Hour.

Not sounding glorious enough for you? Lead encounter designer Scott Mercer dropped a few more superlatives to get you hyped.

“Dragon Soul is the most story-driven raid we’ve ever created. We’re even building several cut scenes to transition between the last three stages of the final encounter with Deathwing.” He added that the Deathwing fight will start with an airborne pursuit, followed by a second stage on dragonback, and ends with final stage against a weakened but dangerously unstable Deathwing!

“We built corrupted Deathwing as a giant set piece with a lot of moving parts–probably our most complicated character model to date–but we felt it was necessary to convey the epic scale and do justice to the final boss of Cataclysm,” said Mr. Mercer.

Each boss will drop Tier 13 armor, WoW Gold and achievements. Complete all the Dragon Soul achievements to unlock the meta achievement reward: A new drake mount molded in the image of red dragonflight queen Alexstrasza.

There will also be a second, rarer version of the mount, that’s obtainable as a single, guaranteed drop off Heroic corrupted Deathwing, according to Mr. Mercer.

That’s the non-spoiler recap, folks.

Mr. Mercer goes on to reveal the juicy lore behind the Dragon Soul raid and Deathwing fight. Read the rest of the Dragon Soul raid preview to get all the story spoilers (what’s the Dragon Soul for anyway?), or stay in the dark and brush up on the Deathwing 5-mans instead.