WoW Patch 4.3: Deathwing 5-Mans Previews

There’s a lot of time traveling in store for level 85 players in World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.

Three new 5-man dungeons will take you far into the future, back to the past and then return to the present — all to collect a fabled artifact that can help stop Deathwing.

Blizzard unloaded the sneak peeks for the Deathwing 5-mans yesterday, all in one go, and we now learn that both Alliance and Horde heroes will have to track down the fabled Dragon Soul across the time continuum. Failure is not an option, unless you want to see Azeroth in ruins.

“Much like the experience in the five-player content of Icecrown Citadel, players must quest through these dungeons sequentially to unlock access to them in the Dungeon Finder. You’ll also be afforded the opportunity for all-new epic loot, including new dungeon set,” said Blizzard in its lore-filled preview.

If you want the sweet gist of each new 5-man – the long-winded exposition can wait later! – EpicToon made a quick rundown of the events plus some stunning visual aids.

“End Time”

It’s no secret you need the Dragon Soul to defeat Deathwing. But that ancient artifact lies in the past, so you need to head back to retrieve it. But the time dragon Nozdormu can’t access that part of history because of an “anomaly” blocking his power in the future.

So you head into an alternate future to investigate. You find Deathwing has triumphed and Azeroth is facing its own 2012 doomsday. After fighting the angry ghosts of faction leaders who can’t get over the fact that they failed the Alliance and Horde miserably, you finally face off with the mysterious creature constricting the powers of Nozdormu.

Who’s this powerful being? Introducing Murozond! Which you’ll notice is the ANAGRAM of… yeah, someone’s been taking notes from Tom Riddle, eh?

“Well of Eternity”

Once you’ve dealt with the time blocker Murozond, Nozdormu can now whisk you back to the War of the Ancients to recover the Dragon Soul.

This was a time when the mad night elven queen Azshara enlisted the Burning Legion to help enslave the whole of Azeroth. Obtaining the Dragon Soul won’t be so easy since Azshara’s minions are using the anti-Deathwing artifact to power up the Burning Legion portals.

You’ll aid Tyrande and still-good Illidan to break through the hordes of demons and dark-powered night elves, but Blizzard didn’t reveal how you can manage to steal the Dragon Soul without altering the timeline’s eventual conclusion: The Great Sundering that split the continents and all but wiped out the night elves. (Maybe create a dummy duplicate?)

“Hour of Twilight”

Armed with the Dragon Soul, you journey back to the present to confront Deathwing once and for all with help from all the other dragonflights.

The rendezvous point: Wyrmrest Temple where an epic confrontation is brewing between the combined Horde-Alliance-Wyrmrest Accord and the Twilight’s Hammer legion.

Betrayals are aplenty as Deathwing’s cult stops at nothing to destroy the Dragon Soul (which as you know is the One Ring your only hope) and usher in a never-ending twilight. Prevent the assassinations on Dragon Soul bearer Thrall and you’ll complete this third and final 5-man.

Congratulations! You’ll have completed the storyline and can now spend some WoW Gold gearing up before taking on the eight-boss Deathwing raid tier named “Dragon Soul”, which we’ll preview tomorrow!