WoW Tier 13 Armor: Druid, Mage, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior

Night-glowing mushrooms, gnome technology and hentai old God tentacles.

These are just some of the quirky inspirations for the new Tier 13 armor coming in World of Warcraft Patch 4.3, the first half of which Blizzard began revealing this past week.

EpicToon compiled the first five classes to be previewed – the druid, mage, shaman, warlock and warrior – so you can ogle at them in one fell swoop.

Aside from being fancy-looking, The Tier 13 is expected to surpass the ilevel 400 mark, making them a formidable, no-WoW Gold required gear for the battle versus Deathwing in Patch 4.3. Now go enjoy these hi-res renders and the sometimes more amusing explanations behind each new look!

DRUID – The design called for “phosphorescent mushrooms, reminiscent of Zangarmarsh,” so our main concern was avoiding making a helm that looked like a giant toadstool sombrero. We’re always looking to incorporate interesting light sources within a raid set, and bioluminescent vegetable growth certainly provides that. Twisting, organic shapes are often key elements of a druid set, and this tier is no exception, with writhing plant roots providing a frame for the glowing clusters of fungi.

MAGE – It’s fun to put a spin on any caster class that moves it away from the usual wizardly archetype, and this set provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Gnomish clockwork technology is an established part of the Warcraft universe, but it’s not something we’ve incorporated into a tier of player armor before. The combination of moving cogs, quilted fabric, and lots of buckled straps give the set an intriguing “techno-mage” flavor.

SHAMAN – The best shaman sets are a mix of the animal and the elemental. This tier combines huge wolf-skull shoulder pads, bone fetishes, and fur with glowing shards of amber crystal. The entire set is lashed together with lengths of rope and heavily stitched leather, which lends the set a savage bearing.

WARLOCK – A set with the flavor of the Old Gods about it – General Vezax from the Ulduar raid was a reference point. Any warlock tier is a great opportunity to bring a dark and warped aesthetic to player gear and this set was especially ripe for the treatment.

Replacing the caster’s face with writhing tentacles was the ‘hook’ I started the concept with and built out from there. We always try to include numerous points of illumination into a tier set as it helps to tie the various armor pieces together – whether that be glowing gemstones, fiery runes or, as in this case, bulging otherworldly eyes!

WARRIOR – A simple concept: Let’s make a warrior tier that looks like Deathwing! Gnarled dragon horn and angular elementium plating with burning fire behind it were the key ingredients.

We build our player armor from a number of base templates, which means the concepts need to conform to predetermined shapes. However, shoulder pads and helmets are uniquely modeled for each set and that gives us great opportunities to create eye-catching silhouettes. In this instance, the sweeping horn shapes ensure a powerfully brutal-looking set for warriors.