Join the RIFT Extra Life charity marathon!

Who knew leveling Daevas could feel so good?

On October 15, you’re invited to play with RIFT developers all-day and all-night in the first ever Extra Life gaming marathon hosted by Trion Worlds.

Almost 50 gamers have already signed up at the RIFT Extra Life page and are already stocking Twinkies for the round-the-clock rift hunting.

What’s this Extra Life thing?

If you’re not familiar with Extra Life, it’s an annual initiative that invites gamers to play any game for 24 hours straight. The donations come from family and fans who pledge $1 for every hour gamers can stay awake and keep mashing buttons.

Pledges now stand at $1,177 as of this writing, which will all go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. And oh yeah, donations are tax deductible *wink wink*.

So What’s In it For Me?

Aside from feeling like an badass hero for saving the day? Well, sure, Trion Worlds will hand out spiffy titles and in-game items to everyone that joins their Extra Life guild.

All joiners will receive “the Charitable” suffix title and everyone who goes all the way without copping out to the sleep fairy will receive “the Insomniac” extension.

There are also ten achievements like Highest Level Achieved and Most Critters Killed that will net winners rare in-game items like the Hooty owl, Cookie chef toque or the Spaulders of Earthen Might shown below.

Don’t want to roll a nub level 1 and loot silver instead of RIFT Platinum with your endgame toon? Elrar and the rest of the developer gang will still let you in the guild but you won’t be eligible for prizes.