Hype begins for RIFT 1.5: Ashes of History and get the Rift Watcher title

Trion Worlds started up its RIFT 1.5 hype machine by sending out a RIFT Watch newsletter that summarizes the exciting content in the fifth patch and a bonus reward for subscription – the suffix title of “the Rift Watcher”.

The RIFT Watch newsletter tells us what we’ve already pieced together in recent developer interviews: Solo and duo Chronicles, Planar Attunement, Master mode dungeon, and a new Library of the Runemasters Warfront.

But there are a few more side content confirmed like the beta launch of RIFT Addons that was postponed since Patch 1.3, loyalty-based veteran rewards that sound like the Daeva rewards in Aion, and another world event pandemonium perpetrated by the Golden Maw. Here’s a handy recap to keep you up to speed.

RIFT Watch subscribers also get the in-game title “the Rift Watcher” for reading the newsletters. Will this be enough to get you committed on another monthly spam? It’s your call.

But we already know you have us doing the dirty work of RIFT news gathering. Why not subscribe to RIFT Watch via account page, claim the title, and unsubscribe? We promise we won’t totally judge you.