Puppies, flexed muscles star in new RIFT Ascend-a-Friend ad

“We’re fighting invasions… with a puppy!”

If this cutesy call to arms doesn’t get you recruiting friends to play RIFT, then we don’t know what will.

Maybe you’d like to look dapper in a new hat? Or ride a flaming horse to battle? You’ll be surprised at how many hilarious come-ons Trion Worlds has fit in this new 43-second spot for the fantasy MMO.

We’re glad to move on from those generally dry RIFTWatch ads to this refreshingly hip ad that appeals to core gamers. We already know a few who were  amused enough to send Ascend-a-Friend invites to their buddies.

What makes the video work? Snappy lines, camera swipes, and great comedic timing help highlight the Ascend-A-Friend rewards that are too good to be missed. We also give Trion Worlds full credit for making a non-CG ad look totally polished.

OK, half-credit and a bushel of RIFT Platinum for the effort. Because you’ve probably seen this self-confident, darkly chiseled Eth somewhere else? Perhaps in a shower stall, peddling a bottle of scented body wash? Take it away Old Spice Guy.