Sony hires ex-Homeland Security semi-boss as new MMO protector

Hackers beware. There’s a new sheriff in Sony town.

After it suffered from a springtime security breach that saw its online network melt down and MMOs go offline for two weeks, Sony has conscripted a former Homeland Security deputy to toughen up its cyber borders.

Philip Reitinger, who led the protection of the nation’s cyber infrastructures according to this tough cookie bio, now has a more playful set of terrorists to keep out altogether.

Sony has blamed hackers for the Sony Offline Entertainment fiasco, so we expect the company to seriously beef up its systems against future incursions. Computer Weekly reports that Mr. Reitinger “will be responsible for assuring the security of Sony’s information assets and services.”

What does this mean for your favorite DC Universe Online, EverQuest II and other Sony family MMOs? Too much defense is never a bad thing (just ask tanks), but seriously, subscribers should sleep easier at night knowing their DCUO Cash and EQII Plat will be safer from would-be account intruders.

Granted, hackers don’t actually steal virtual assets per se. They allegedly just sell off the account logins to the highest Chinese phishers, and wash their hands of the imminent toon plundering. So Mr. Reitinger, welcome and good luck!

Update: In response to commenter JL who said DCUO game and the official SOE and DCUO websites are down, Massively is reporting that the California blackout has affected the company’s operations, but that services are coming back up slowly now.