FFXIV reveals grim invaders from Garlean Empire

Meet your next overlords, Eorzeans.

Square Enix unveiled new intel on the Garlean Empire commanders leading the invasion of the free city-states, and who will most likely serve as endgame bosses in Final Fantasy XIV.

Out east, in the fallen city-state of Ala Mhigo, sits Gaius van Baelsar aka The Black Wolf who wields the gunblade Heirsbane (Left in black armor). His successful siege allowed the Empire to establish a foothold in the continent.

Leading the assault westward to Gridania is fellow legatus Nael van Darnus aka The White Raven (Right in white armor). With his deadly use of the gunhalberd Bradamante, the war-tempered veteran has secured countless victories for the Empire and is eager to win more.

This latest reveal via the Grand Companies of Eorzea page is one of our first detailed glimpses of the northern invaders, and we were immediately reminded of the powerful judges that have appeared and served as antagonists in previous Final Fantasy worlds.

For comparison, note the head-to-toe armor and distinctive headgear that covers the whole face of Archadian judges in Final Fantasy XII.

The similarities aren’t the least bit surprising. Akihiko Yoshida, who is overseeing art direction for Final Fantasy XIV, was the main character designer for Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance where the judges initially appeared.

But the Garleans look nowhere near as untouchable as the judges. Their scuffed, misshapen armor and blood-red cloth suggest a life spent in constant battle.

What special powers do the Black Wolf and White Raven have? Will we get to fight them? What special gear and FFXIV Gil rewards do they drop? Hopefully, we’ll get more info soon!