DCUO Fight for the Light streams out to live servers

DC Universe Online’s Fight for the Light, the first and free DLC pack, came online today and creative director Jens Andersen gave a call out to superheroes and villains to take their new Light powers out on a combo-packed test drive.

In the trailer below, Mr. Andersen said all players will be given a re-spec option (look ma, no DCUO Cash!), which is good news for those who don’t want to roll new Hal Jordan wannabes.

He also confirmed that higher levels unlock more devastating constructs, and combos along with them since each construct mode can be chained one after another for higher damage.

The new content pack, inspired by the popular ring-powered Green Lantern, is now available to download. PC players can unlock it via the in-game marketplace while PS3 players should head to the PS3 store to get their copy.

For the unconvinced, SOE also posted a few high-res screenshots that show how crazy fights can get with the new wave of holographic chainsaws and armaments.