SWTOR pre-orders might beat WoW Cataclysm record, VGChartz data suggest

Pre-orders for Star Wars: the Old Republic continue to climb and might topple the record numbers set by rival World of Warcraft‘s bestselling Cataclysm expansion, according to VGChartz data trends.

VGChartz, an unofficial sales data gatherer, has been keeping tabs on SWTOR pre-orders in the Americas, and we’ve noticed that the sci-fi MMO from BioWare and LucasArts has clocked in 415,000 pre-orders as of September 3.

That’s roughly 60,000 weekly pre-orders in the seven weeks since the SWTOR pre-orders began – an impressive pace that should pick up speed as we get closer to the expected Christmas release.

In comparison, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the third expansion to the MMO juggernaut, registered roughly 550,000 before its early December debut last year. That number translated to 3.3 million sales worldwide on its launch day, according to Blizzard’s final count.

We can see here that VGChartz numbers are far from definitive; in this case, they represent just the small fraction of retail pre-orders from brick-and-mortal shops like GameStop and Best Buy, and don’t include digital pre-orders via the Origin store.

Still, fans are thrilled at the relatively strong numbers that rival mighty Blizzard’s. Even if SWTOR doesn’t end up breaking MMO sales records, it will still mean an exciting launch, with servers packed like Coruscant for SWTOR Credits runs.

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