Saddle up, Worgen racial mounts gallop in WoW Patch 4.3

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 promises eye candy with the Transmogrification appearance changer and new gear from Deathwing raids, but Blizzard was bound to have a few misses.

Case in point: the new, but lackluster Worgen racial mounts.

Resembling basic horses that Alliance humans can purchase at low levels, the new Worgen rides are startlingly basic. They’re also disappointing for fans who expected the same depth of design given to their expansion counterparts’, the Goblins’, motor trikes.

Here are the two preview images from the official reveal so you can judge for yourself.

Apologists say the horses fit in the Worgen lore (they have been spotted during the Gilneas starter campaigns) and that their untamed look, while simple, make them stand out among the overly ornate mounts in the Blizzard menagerie.

But the loud majority reacted with dumb-founded surprise. Some expected the Worgen racial mounts to be were-boars, similarly vicious as their riders, shown as concept art in the past.


Quite a 180. But more than failed expectations, fans were furious with the seeming rehash. There are claims that what looks like a rush job was done to appease fans who demanded an even number of mounts between the Alliance and Horde. (The Worgen race was initially launched with no mounts, instead having the Running Wild mount mode.)

It’s expected that the new Worgen racial mounts can be bought with WoW Gold, but at their current popularity, Gilneas reputation grinding for these horses might be tepid. But they won’t be totally shunned; the carefree gait of these mounts is bound to find some fans among the multi-million-strong playerbase.

UPDATE: Blizzard poster Daxxari weighed in on the topic of rehashed mounts being marketed as something amazingly new.

“The intention with the new mounts was just to honor player concerns about achievements and even up the mount totals between the alliance and the horde. It’s something people had been requesting since the release of Cataclysm, so we’re evening up the numbers by giving the Alliance some additional mounts to add to their totals… The Worgen racial mount is Running Wild. These are just some extra horses, for your horse needs.”