RIFT 1.5 testing begins for Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress

After twiddling with Valor and Vengeance, Trion Worlds is now ready to put RIFT Chronicle instances through the playtest wringer.

First up? The haunting Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress.

Telarans are invited to visit the Public Test Shard around 3:00PM PDT (10PM GMT) to experience their first Chronicle run through. Fine-tuning this new type of PvE content is crucial for the developers, who see this as the crown jewel of RIFT Patch 1.5.

From the official description below, we now know that Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress will be a duo adventure that sheds light on the twisted fate that befell King Molinar and his heir Prince Dollin (a tag-team raid boss in the current highest raiding tier).

“The gates of Hammerknell have been shattered and you and one companion must investigate the corruption of King Molinar, lord of Hammerknell. The king and his son, Prince Dollin, brood in their dark throne room, corrupted by the death energies that surround them. Discover the mystery of what befell the King and his heir as you explore the ancient fortress and the evils that now haunt the halls,” said community manager James “Elrar” Nichols.

We also learn that Chronicles are intended for “newly minted level 50s,” possibly as an alternate gearing and RIFT Platinum-earning venue for those who can’t find enough allies for grander raids.