RIFT Valor changes and Vengeance stat go live September 1

Big changes are coming to RIFT warfronts, and they’re coming at lightning speed. Valor tweaks and the all-new, PvP-specific Vengeance stat, which were only previewed a day before, will be hotfixed today, September 1.

Fans felt their heads spinning at the quick transition from testing to implementation. Yesterday, players were just trying out the proposed changes in the Public Test Shard, and now they’re already en route to the live servers.

Critics of the plans said there was little testing done to the potentially game-breaking alterations, but Trion Worlds countered that “many of you have expressed through today’s testing, these changes do create a better PvP experience for everyone,” said community manager James “Elrar” Nichols in a blog announcement.

Mr. Nichols implied that the modifications passed a series of stress tests, and that major problems that proved worrying to fans have been addressed, in particular:

  • PvP Healing did not become a huge issue as many had feared, with more people having more Valor.
  • The non-armor-set valor pieces PvPers can stack on top of their PvP armor sets continue to provide good defensive value
  • High rank PvP items remain a great upgrade for PvP, still do provide useful advantages in PvE, and are just no longer the best items available for raiding.
  • Vengeance is proving to be a good and useful way to give added offensive power in PvP

As if responding to doomsayers who think Trion Worlds is just pushing all the levers at once with no ounce of planning, Mr. Nichols said the developers have a three-step plan for fixing PvP imbalances:

  • Get Valor and Rank 8 gear in line to provide a better overall experience for everyone in PvP. (This is where we are with these changes)
  • Bring rogues to a place to where they have a competitive PvP DPS role that does not revolve around slipping away, as a part of a larger rogue effectiveness review coming in 1.5.
  • Then evaluate how PvP healing is in this new world, a world where rogue DPS is competitive with warriors, clerics, and mages in PvP.

Rogues, naturally, welcomed the effective buffs coming in Patch 1.5: Ashes of History. But some moan the fundamental shift in their playstyle from being sneaky hitters to straightforward fighters.

What do you think of these PvP alterations? Are you excited about them, or will you rather pay RIFT Platinum to keep the status quo?