Solo content are not dumbed down raids in RIFT 1.5: Ashes of History

When Trion Worlds said RIFT Patch 1.5 will have an endgame for all, soloers rejoiced. Then came the disbelief: These Chronicle instances won’t be pathetic rehashes of raids, will they?

Not at all, reassured a top developer this week.

“We’re not taking the existing raid and dumbing it down for one or two players, but we’re taking a snapshot of time inside this beautiful area and let you have a completely unique encounter and learn more about the story,” said producer Hal Hanlin to RiftJunkies at a recent PAX 2011 interview.

He said Chronicle instances will showcase such a different, but still related content that he is confident even raiders will be tempted to take the solo-or-duo challenge on the side.

Patch 1.5 is dubbed Ashes of History

Further along his interview, Mr. Hanlin revealed what seems to be the official name for Patch 1.5 – Ashes of History. The producer also dropped a few more details about the rest of the fifth update, namely the Instant Adventures and Master Mode dungeons.

Instant Adventures is like an “amoebic blob”

Mr. Hanlin reinforced the idea of Instant Adventures as one-click, auto-join rift hunting parties that get bigger or smaller in size. Each Instant Adventure group function like an “amoebic blob directed at mayhem and carnage” with an option for bystanders to join any time.

Master Mode dungeons

Master Mode dungeons, which are expected to be ultra hard similar to the Heroic mode in World of Warcraft, will cater to elite players who crave for new challenges. “At least one, possibly two” master mode dungeons will be available by Patch 1.5 said Mr. Hanlin.

With the company now getting a reputation for releasing fast but with a bunch of bugs, the company might be best served to taking more time and “hitting the quality bar,” especially for delicate endgame content.

Ember Isles still a long ways off

No, the fan-spoilered area in the Planetouched Wilds will not be finished in time for Patch 1.5.

Planar Attunement will offer zone teleportation?

The planar attunement feature, which will allow level 50+ players to continue to earn XP and spend them on character advancement, will be able to choose from a variety of ability boosts. These can range from combat upgrades to elemental resistances to quality-of-life improvements like instant teleports to specific zones.

While we’ve recapped most of the interview, feel free to watch the entire 18-minute grilling and the occasional cameo of community manager Elrar.