FFXI Original Soundtrack CD brings sweet music in-game and out

Like many Square Enix creations, Final Fantasy XI is peppered with delightful music that give the game a dream-like atmosphere.

You might have fallen in love with a few of these soaring ballads and electro-pop tunes, so why not port them straight to your stereo and Mog House?

The new FFXI Original Soundtrack CD, now available for pre-order at $29.99, will fill your ears with popular tunes from the three Abyssea add-on scenarios, several unreleased songs from the Wings of the Goddess expansion, and a few lesser picks from the PlayOnline store.

The 11-track, double-disc set will also unlock the Spinet in-game item, which is described as a “Juenoan-styled keyboard furnishing” that randomly plays the soundtracks during Mog House visits, like an orchestral jukebox but with no need for FFXI Gil coin drops.

The non-finalized tracklist (which struck us as peculiar because no one ever likes the bait-and-switch) is as follows:

01 Summers Lost
02 Echoes of Creation
04 Luck of the Mog
05 Feast of the Ladies
06 Abyssea – Scarlet Skies, Shadowed Plains
07 Melodies Errant
08 Shinryu
09 Everlasting Bonds
10 An Ode to Heroes Fallen
11 Wings of Dawn