Darkmooon Island to open in WoW Patch 4.3

World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire, a roving carnival where players could craft powerful trinkets, will settle down permanently in the new Darkmoon Island zone, complete with fresh mini-games and participation prizes.

In time for Patch 4.3, Blizzard has transformed the once-obscure traveling fair into a gypsy-like amusement park that will be open every first week of the month to Horde and Alliance toons alike.

From the looks of the preview screenshots below, Blizzard is intent on making Darkmoon Island a monthly distraction of Whack-a-Gnoll and Tonk Battle Royale, with a wacky troupe of dancing bears and fez-wearing monkeys as side entertainment.

But it’s not all frivolous fun. Participants who master the games will win Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets, which can be redeemed for “a plethora of profession recipes, toys, balloons, souvenirs, delectable carnival snacks and beverages, heirlooms for the little ones, and even replicas of long-lost suits of armor that we’re offering for your Transmogrification needs.”

The expanded Darkmoon Faire also offers new attractions:

  • Darkmoon Faire Field Guide. New tool that helps discover Darkmoon Artifacts and may provide instant teleportation to the fair grounds.
  • Skills Upgrade. Cooking and First Aid skills, among others, can be leveled up through fair-specific activities. Skill-ups are said to be capped at five points per profession per Faire week.
  • Darkmoon Deathmatch. Every three hours, a free-for-all brawl erupts in the Darkmoon Deathmatch Pit hosted by the Pitmaster Pei. Sole survivor wins more tickets.

The capitals will also see a deluge of Darkmoon Mages that will offer portal services to the island in exchange for WoW Gold.

But hold your teleports for now. Darkmoon Island will open its doors in Patch 4.3, which still has no launch date but has been announced to be the concluding patch to the Cataclysm expansion, and will deliver the final raid against the malevolent dragon Deathwing.

In the meantime, read the full preview article Blizzard whipped up best imagined in the voice of a medieval herald.