How to create and attach Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has published a layman’s guide to the extremely anticipated Materia system in Final Fantasy XIV. No surprise deviations from the announced plans; but new details make the item-imbuing process sound less complicated this time around.

Materia Creation

Materia, which provide bonus abilities when attached to weapons, can be created from spare weapons via the simple process known as materia assimilation below.

All weapons eligible for materia assimilation need to have reached a 100% spiritbond with the user. Each weapon, when converted into materia, provides varying bonuses including stats and element affinities.

Materia Melding

After materia has been created, it will have to be attached through the materia melding process initiated by the Disciples of the Hand, with advanced melders being able to attach up to five materia in one piece of equipment.

Catalyst items for the said process will have to be farmed by Disciples of the Land gatherers.

Materia Purging

Materia can be removed from items via the materia purging process, which will cost FFXIV Gil from designated vendors, and will permanently destroy the detached materia.

Square Enix also added a few teaser lines at the end of the Lodestone Materia guide that foreshadows a “forbidden branch of the craft that leads to power beyond imagining… but only at great cost.”

A riskier but more rewarding materia creation process? I know plenty of Eorzeans who’ll sign up for that.