Stealth ability allows fuss-free farming in FFXIV Patch 1.19

Farming isn’t point-and-click easy in Final Fantasy XIV, what with aggressive monsters lurking around node points, promising quick death for unwary harvesters.

But enter the ultimate side step: A land stealth ability coming in Patch 1.19.

Square Enix announced that the Coeurl Step stealth ability, which lets Disciples of the Land gather mats in undetected peace, will finally arrive in the end-September patch.

Once activated, this Solid Snake-like stealth trick remains indefinitely activated unless cancelled by certain unspecified enemies that can still pierce through the stealth, or by entering no-stealth areas like city-states, dungeons and instanced raids. Class changes and initiating aggro also remove the invisibility cloak.

Based on the progression levels detailed in the announcement post, players are expected to avoid enemies up to 12 levels higher. The stealth ability can be upgraded four times up to Coeurl Step IV, which is learned at level 38 and renders you undetectable by enemies level 50 down. The lower levels scale decreasingly in increments of ten.

Many expect the new stealth ability to boost FFXIV Gil profits for Disciples of the Land who can now plan more straightforward farming routes, instead of the “the coast is clear” approach that many have been using now.