Play RIFT for free as Half-Birthday Week begins

Starting today until August 31, all MMO fans can play RIFT for free as it celebrates its Half-Birthday Week, commemorating its sixth month anniversary as the spunky WoW challenger that could.

This week of free play opens up every aspect of the game, from Warfronts to end-game Hammerknell raiding (assuming you level fast enough), which is a vacation from the normally uptight RIFT free trial program that limits access to specific zones and imposes a level cap.

Trion Worlds launched a new Half-Birthday microsite just for the occasion, giving helpful account creation links and contest reward bribes to get everyone playing stat.

All players participating in the free play week will be eligible for prizes under three major contests:

  • Over-Achiever* Contest – The character awarded the most achievements between August 25-31 will win.
  • Celebration Screenshot* Contest – Submit a screenshot of your character celebrating RIFT’s half-birthday in the least appropriate spot (or fashion) for a party in Telara. He or she who parties the heartiest wins the prize!
  • RIFT Half-Birthday Cake* Contest –Bake RIFT a half-birthday cake and submit a photo. May the best cake (or half-cake) win.

Each contest offers a grand prize of a Hewlett-Packard PC pimped out for all-night RIFT raiding, with two runners-up receiving mid-range Nvidia® GTX460 graphics cards. All contest winners also get six months of RIFT game time.

This is all well and good for new and returning players looking for an excuse to give RIFT a whirl, but current subscribers are understandably more excited for the bonus XP, Planarite and RIFT Platinum coming their way.

There’s also a secret anniversary gift that’s looking more and more likely to be a legacy title, although a game-wide mount blowout would be more than welcome!