Aion 24-month account holders to get Eternal Daeva rewards

Has it really been two years since Aion launched?

Many predicted the Korean MMO to become dead in the water within months, but lookie here — it’s managed to keep a loyal few whose subscription dollars have never wavered. For these hardcore, 24-month account holders, NCSoft is bundling a set of rewards as a big thank you.

AionSource scored the scoop direct from NCSoft on the rewards these fans, dubbed affectionately as Eternal Daevas, will receive when Aion celebrates its garnet anniversary on September 22. These are:

  • 5 Plat Medals
  • 3 Crowns
  • 5 Morarti’s Remedies
  • 4 Revival Stones
  • 5 Felicitous Socketing Supplements – Eternal
  • 1 Expanding Inventory & 1 Warehouse Ticket
  • Lucky Wings

The most notable among these loyalty rewards are the Felicitous Socketing Supplements – Eternal that ensure no Aion Kinah is wasted on unsuccessful mana-stone socketing, and the all-around useful inventory and warehouse expansion ticket items.

For the newbies who haven’t earned their stripes yet, there should be minor rewards in store for you, too. Last year, NCSoft held the Daeva’s Day celebrations that allowed every subscriber to participate and received lavish gifts, ranging from cake to unabashedly cute accessories like heart headbands and pointy hats.