WoW Patch 4.3: Transmogrification Complete FAQ

Last week, Blizzard posted a preview of the new Transmogrification feature coming in Patch 4.3 that allows players to change the look of their gear while retaining the original stats, for a WoW Gold fee.

Blizzard community managers went into triage mode answering any and all questions from fans about the nifty appearance-changing service, and we were there to round up all the juiciest answers for you. Enjoy this Transmogrification FAQ; we’ll be updating the page as more clarifications crop up in the forums.

What is the point of transmogrification?

  • Customize a character’s appearance of weapons and armor like never before. You can raid in your paladin tier 12 Immolation set, but look like you’re wearing Lightbringer.
  • For players who are between full sets, transmogrification offers a cool opportunity to sport a ‘complete’ look, and enjoy favorite gear art from the past.
  • This feature will allow players to refine how their character looks and use nice-looking gear that may be sitting gathering dust in the bank perhaps.


What are the basic requirements for an item to become a source for transmogrification?

  • You must own the item
  • Have it in your possession
  • Be able to wear or use it at the time of transmogrification
  • In general, only items that have stats can be used in the transmogrification process

Can we transmogrify Legendary Items like Dragonwrath?
You will not be able to transmogrify using a legendary item as either the source or the recipient of a change.

Can we transmogrify BoA items?
We likely won’t allow heirlooms to be transmogrified.

Can we transmogrify our staff into a 2H sword? Our plate armor into a cloth one?
You won’t be allowed to change weapon or armor types… For instance, if a character is wearing plate, they won’t be able to make it look like a cloth dress, and vice versa; armor types are locked. So you shouldn’t see too many Warriors taking on a boss in a pink evening gown.

But guns, bows and crossbows will be the exception to this rule. You will finally be able to retain your dwarf’s racial gun bonus while appearing with all the splendor and elegance of a bow wielder.

So all other weapons outside BoA and Legendary can be a pattern for transmogrification?
Not every favorite item will be immediately available at launch. But we’ll keep a list of items that get requested by the players and work to get them in someday.

We have an obligation to players and to our hard-working artists to keep the game from looking too silly. So weapons that look like fish, for example, probably won’t be available as source items for transmogrification, even if one is technically a dagger and has stats.

There are a handful of other weapons with “silly” models (such as frying pans, brooms, etc.) that may or may not be allowed – it’s still under discussion.

You should have given us a very early heads up. I already threw away many of my old gear? Can you help me get them back?
If you want to obtain the look of gear that you’ve deleted in the past, then yes, you’ll need to farm that old gear back. Opening a petition for that old gear isn’t likely to bear fruit unless the item was deleted quite recently (usually within a month or two). Please don’t submit a petition as a shot in the dark, since that just bogs down the system for everyone.

You want us to farm back old gear sets. But what about legacy gear sets which are no longer available?

We are interested in providing a means for players to purchase certain gear sets which aren’t available for one reason or another, such as the dungeon sets or death knight starter set. Such a vendor would not provide access to all the gear a player has ever owned though. It is, however, not extremely likely you’ll see a lot of sets which are no long possible o obtain be added back in for 4.3.


Who is the transmogrification vendor?
The Ethereals, emerging from the nether, will bring with them a new technology the call transmogrification. They’re heading to the capital cities of Azeroth to set up shop. These vendors are called transmogrifiers.

How much will each transmogrification cost?
To be determined. But placing items into the Transmogrify interface will increase the gold cost of the process, and clicking the Transmogrify button (assuming you have the necessary funds) will put the appearance change into effect.

Can we transmogrify BoEs? Will they become soulbound? What other effects does the process have on an item?
Yes, they become soulbound. If you transmogrify a Bind-on-Equip item, it will become bound to you. Items used in transmogrification will also become non-refundable and non-tradeable as well?

Is transmogrification permanent or can we reverse the process?
The process can be reversed by clicking the undo icon on each item, and then hitting the Transmogrify button once more to save the changes.

How can we check whether an equipped item is an original or a transmogrified copy?
Any item that’s transmogrified will have text indicating it’s been altered by the process for all to see, similar to the item tooltip callout for reforged items.


How will the new Void Storage feature complement Transmogrification?
We’re implementing Void Storage and Transmogrification at the same time because we know that, with Transmogrification, players are likely going to want and/or need more storage space, specifically for the long-term. And that’s the niche Void Storage fills.

So we need to use Void Storage to do Transmogrification?
You don’t need to place an item into Void Storage in order to use it for Transmogrification. The two systems are completely separate.