RIFT 1.5 launches end-September with Master Mode dungeons

Gamescom fans teased out the launch date for RIFT 1.5, the upcoming patch that first promised a less raid-dominated “Endgame for All” and now is confirmed to have extra grueling, “master mode” dungeons.

Trion Worlds was on-hand at Gamescom 2011, the world’s largest game fair, promoting RIFT and their new mech title End of Nations when a fan asked whether there will be more solo content for the fantasy MMO.

Producer Adam Gershowitz confirmed that “Yes there will be with our upcoming patch 1.5, to be released at the end of September.”

A late September launch for Patch 1.5 marks a slight slowdown in the Trion Worlds roll-out machine (so far, RIFT patches have been releasing one and a half months in between), but it could be just a matter of making way for the week-long half-birthday event that will be sandwiched in early September.

Master Mode and Other Patch 1.5 Reveals

In answering more fan questions, Mr. Gershowitz also dropped a few other details about Patch 1.5.

First is confirmation that there will be “master mode ultra-hard dungeon content” in the next patch. No news yet on which dungeons will get this new difficulty option, what kind of bonus rewards are at stake (double RIFT Platinum drops?) and whether raids will be similarly affected.

After thrilling soloers and PVPers with non-raiding content like Chronicles instances and a new Warfront, Mr. Gershowitz said crafters also have much to look forward to in Patch 1.5.

“New daily/weekly quests are in the works in the next patch or two which help speed the process up and add interesting content at the same time. We’re also looking to add more crafting rifts.”

A future patch could also see more streamlined trade skill advancement. “One thing we’re talking about is having a united currency for all trade skills to spend where you wish rather than having one for each trade skill,” he added.

More Soul Points in Next Expansion

Looking more on the long-term horizon, Mr. Gershowitz suggested that soul points – and probably the level cap – will not be raised until the next expansion.

When a fan asked: “Will there ever be more than 64 points to spend on souls, especially PVP souls?” the veteran producer said: “Short answer yes. Long answer: Not until we release an expansion.”

This implies that for the rest of the current base game, endgame character advancement will focus on the new Planar Advancement feature also rolling out in Patch 1.5.

“Once players reach level 50, the experience they continue to gain will not go away, it will funnel into a Planar Advancement Meter, through which they can get bonuses, unique vanity effects, special combat bonuses or teleporting friend,” explained Mr. Gershowitz. For your reading pleasure, check out the full Gamescom Q&A.