Testing underway for new RIFT Warfront “Library of the Runemasters”

Trion Worlds turns the arcane ruins of Hammerknell into a bloody arena, and invites you to be one of the first to draw blood. Library of the Runemasters, the first new Warfront to be added to RIFT since its launch, begins testing today.

Based on rumors, Library of the Runemasters will be added in RIFT 1.5 as a 40 vs. 40 death match, which is double the team size per faction in Battle for Port Scion. This makes Library of the Runemasters by far the largest Warfront to date.

As testing begins to ramp up, feedback is trickling in on what the new Warfront has in store for PvP fans. Puremallace from Riftjunkies said the “extremely fun” map has multiple win objectives and provides an immediate “ap/sp buff” to prevent teleporter camping.

He also recorded a video showing off the expansive, dilapidated multi-level coliseum where all the action takes place:

Early Hints

For those who’d like to know what’s the point of all this hack-and-slashing, Trion Worlds provided a brief background on why this new Guardian-Defiant skirmish erupted.

“Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of abandoned dwarven rune vessels. Able to bind powerful planar beings, these artifacts could prove invaluable to the armies of Ascended,” said community manager James “Elrar” Nichols.

“Earn points for your team by holding onto the relic for as long as possible. However, no one can withstand the power of the relic for long, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. You may also accrue points for your team by defeating enemy players,” he added.

Public Test Shard

Trion Worlds will allow you to copy your character to the Public Test Shard, although presumably without your RIFT Platinum stash. You won’t need it where you’re going, since leveling and gearing merchants stationed in Meridian and Sanctum can prep you for Warfront battle.

There’s also increased grumbling that Rank 8 “cheaters,” who used PvP rift exploits to earn Prestige and gain an upper hand in PvP, will dominate testing and skew the results. Trion Worlds has not yet addressed this concern, but we imagine they will permit any and all testers, even those who supposedly duped their way to top ranks.