SOE Authenticator begins blocking Station Account hackers

Last month, SOE announced the launch of an authenticator token for its family of MMOs with such enthusiasm that you’d think they were the first instead of one of the final few to implement what’s become a standard security feature.

Now that it’s finally here – we can’t help but join the back-patting.

For one thing, the SOE Authenticator, which is now on sale for US $9.99, offers additional protection for Station Accounts and not just singular games like EverQuest II. So aside from making it harder for would-be account hackers to steal EQII Plat and gear, it also prevents against unauthorized Station Cash transactions.

“The SOE Authenticator is a supplemental authentication method for your Station Account giving you the security of Two-Factor Authentication,” said SOE, which basically means requiring the right Station Password and a six-digit authenticator code for every log-in.

It’s a simple but effective way to safeguard against the rampant theft of Station Passwords online so that “no one can get into your account without both knowing your password and having your physical SOE Authenticator in their hand,” explains SOE.

In comparison, the authenticator works exactly like similar authenticators used in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, and other MMO titles.

SOE may be accused of sometimes nickel-and-diming at the Station Cash store, but it was quite chivalrous when it came to shouldering shipping and handling fees for US players ordering their authenticators. But international rates apply for non-US deliveries, with a 2-3 week wait time for all orders.

Don’t want to shell out ten bucks for peace of mind? SOE said a Mobile Authenticator alternative “is in the works” and will be free for both the iPhone and Android platforms. Color me impressed.