Aion 2.7 could arrive stateside as early as October

Aion players will literally have to wait till the leaves fall before getting their hands on black and white arena armor.

Patch 2.7, which ushers in the stunning sets and a new Crucible arena in which to earn them, has been slated for a late-Autumn launch.

“I have been given permission to say we’re planning on releasing the 2.7 update around October/November,” said lead community manager Shawn “Phenteo” Silverman. But he quickly added the disclaimer: “This date/time-frame can change at anytime due to technical reasons.”

Technical reasons in Aion often refer to localization snags when Aion patches are brought stateside from Korea, where developer NCSoft test and release patches months ahead.

The surprise confirmation popped up in a thread discussing the Patch 2.7 ETA. Astute observers said the Aion Magazine in September looks like “one of those pre-release teaser issues they do for major patches” based on previews.

This observation plus the disappointment from a few fans who think Patch 2.6 “doesn’t feel like a patch” might have convinced Mr. Silverman to drop the bomb, if only to give naysayers something to look forward to.

Aion 2.6 launched in live servers last week and has split the community. Soloers who like the Crucible 2 dungeon are now busy running it for the rare drop and Aion Kinah rewards. But PvP fans care little for this newly released content, and would rather have the arena improvements coming in Patch 2.7.

If anything, the October/November window also positions Aion 2.7 as the “cherry patch” designed to keep players subbed instead of jumping to Star Wars: the Old Republic, which is rumored to release also in the late 2011 window.