RIFT 1.5 designed to have “Endgame for All”, even soloers and PvPers

Raiders can’t complain much about RIFT; they’ve been receiving lavish 10-man or 20-man fights like clockwork since the game launched four patches ago. But for Patch 1.5, Trion Worlds is spreading the love.

Producer Adam Gershowitz said the fifth patch will beef up the non-raiding endgame with Chronicle instances for soloers and Weekend Warfronts for PvPers.

“For Gamescon we’ll be doing a sneak peek at some of the features of our 1.5 patch, which will be focusing on ‘Endgame for All’ content,” said Mr. Gershowitz to MMORPG.com. “Specifically we’ll be showing people our new Chronicle instances, which are targeted towards solo or duo sized groups.”

Trion Worlds will most likely allow industry insiders and fans to test-run parts of Patch 1.5 during Gamescon, which runs from August 7 to 11 in Cologne, Germany.

Earlier last month, executive producer Scott Hartsman already hinted that future patches will see solo- and pairs-friendly Chronicles instances as an alternative for earning Attunement points, which can be spent on bonus ability boosts at the endgame.

Meanwhile, PvP fans can duke it out in an all-new battle format called Weekend Warfronts. “Weekend warfronts are a way for us to spice up the normal warfront grind with fun new gameplay, and bonus rewards,” said Mr. Gershowitz.

Testers say the new feature works like Call to Arms in World of Warcraft, and may give new incentives like RIFT Platinum and gear that will keep PvP fans engaged each week. The first Weekend Warfront map is planned for Whitefall Steppes along with a tweaked, capture-the-flag variant called Escalation.

RIFT is dogged with complaints about drawn out PvP matches because of nearly unkillable Clerics and other healer specs. Escalation uses a tie-break mechanism in the form of Power Crystal-activated cannons that can wipe the opposing team and ensure quick victory.