FFXIV toons strip down in Firefall Faire Event

Eorzeans, man your battle bikini stations. Final Fantasy XIV is handing out standard issue swimsuits for the Firefall Faire event, hoping the “fire-resistant” skivvies will help you hunt Bombard mobs for the next three weeks.

Exactly how, Square Enix gladly omits. All we know is starting August 11, players can talk to city-state Faire chaperones to score two-pieces for females and males. Adventurers will then be asked to rid the Bombard infestation plaguing nearby hamlets.

Square Enix definitely went wacky with this summer holiday event. I mean, wearing the least amount of clothing against flaming Bombards? Being asked to incinerate these meteor spawn in Festive Furnaces? Heat-resistant bras for male characters? I’ll chalk it all up to the heat wave.

Because whatever this event lacks in logic, it more than makes up for in campy fun. Bulky male Roegadyns are forced into midriff-baring outfits, and female Miqo’te can strut around like Sports Illustrated babes.

Even producer Naoki Yoshida got in on the skimpy action. Here’s a custom wallpaper featuring his look-alike character in a strappy red-white sports bra. FFXIV Gil for your thoughts?

The come-hither look is priceless! All players can get a chance to strike their own pose by completing their swimsuit collection via event participation. For more information on how to collect all swimsuit styles and download your very personal wallpaper, read the Firefall Faire page.