DCUO MegaServers phase in tomorrow

Superhero worlds collide in DC Universe Online starting tomorrow August 8 when the MegaServers update combines current servers into four play clusters based on location and platform.

By next week, four MegaServers will be up and running based on this implementation schedule:

  • EU PC MegaServer – 8/8/2011 – 8:00AM PT/5:00PM CET
  • US PC – 8/10/2011 – 8:00AM PT/5:00PM CET
  • US PS3 – 8/11/2011 – 8:00AM PT/5:00PM CET
  • EU PS3 – 8/15/2011 – 8:00AM PT/5:00PM CET

MegaServers were made in response to waning server populations that have made it difficult for players to form superhero squads for team-based content. DCUO producer Lorin “Deadmeat” Jameson is very upbeat that this will improve gameplay through:

  • Larger populations
  • Larger pool of people to join in Alerts, Duos, Raids, Legends PvP, etc.
  • Easier play with friends who were previously on other servers
  • Larger number of items in the Broker
  • Quick switch between PvP and PvE play using the phase shifters in Hall of Doom and JLA Watchtower

This last item in particular is being touted as a game-changer. Each MegaServer will have at least one PvP and one PvE phase active, with developers having the option to increase the number as more players log on. Because of this, lag spikes and queue times are expected to smoothen out.

But the MegaServer isn’t making everyone a happy camper. The union of multiple servers created a conflict in character names, and only one will get to keep his or hers. The rest will be forced to switch monikers via free Name Change tokens. League names were also streamlined to avoid redundancies.

SOE said it used “the fairest system” to pick which player and League got to keep their names, so rest assured no DCUO Cash bribes were involved. Read the producer’s letter announcement for the full details on the MegaServers, and to find out which you’ll be joining soon.