Adopt the Worg of the Dead auto-loot pet at the Aion store

Howling for an auto-loot buddy? NCSoft sniffed out your dire need and is now selling Worg of the Dead pets at the Aion store for $14.99.

“Your loyal worg will automatically loot your kills for you, so you’ll never overlook a spellbook or a dagger again,” said NCSoft. Needless to say, it also collects Aion Kinah.

Similar kinds of auto-loot pets could only be obtained at level 50+, making this a boon to low-level toons. But is it worth the price tag?

Well, if you’ve got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can’t stand monotonous loot clicking while leveling alts, then this “snarling bundle of claws and fangs” is a steal. But if you’re more of a packrat, then consider spending first on a Speckled Ailu Pack pet that unlocks 12 additional inventory slots for the same cost.

Like other pets bought at the Aion store, the Worg of the Dead can be unlocked each character on your account. First-time furry adopters should visit the Aion Pet FAQ page to learn about the pet care basics.