Aion 2.6 goes live with easy-as-cake Crucible Challenge

Six stages, waves of mobs, and absolutely zero back-up – the Crucible Challenge might sound hardcore.  But feedback is trickling in that the gauntlet dungeon, which opened today with the launch of Aion Patch 2.6, is nowhere near Herculean.

Well-geared 55s are clearing the dungeon in five to 15 minutes, given that some mobs can be dispatched in several hits. Even the official Crucible Challenge guide suggests that the difficulty only ramps up starting Stage 5 up to the bonus rounds unlocked after defeating Vanktrist Spacetwine five times via the quest line.

There are two reasons max-level toons are making short work of the Crucible Challenge. First, it also caters to the less powerful level 50s so mobs are tweaked to the lowest common denominator. It also offers measly RNG drop rates for completion rewards like Godstones, so easier but multiple dungeon runs are de rigueur.

As an alternative to Crucible Challenge, players can go on Aion Kinah runs using the new Auto-Group feature. Finding groups for five-mans are now easier for eight instances, including the party-centric version of the Empyrean Crucible. More instances will be added to the Auto-Group list in future patches.

Aion 2.6 weighs in at around 522 MB and should take an hour to several to patch in, depending on your internet connection speed. Peruse the NA patch notes for the full details.