BlizzCon 2011 virtual tickets now on sale

Missed out on the live tickets for one of the biggest conventions in gaming? Blizzard offers the next best thing with BlizzCon 2011 virtual tickets, now available at $39.99 apiece.

Each virtual ticket gives access to a live, on-demand Internet video stream to BlizzCon 2011, the annual gathering for World of Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft fans, scheduled for the October 21-22 weekend.

Based on our previous experience using the virtual ticket, it provides decent coverage of all the action on the show floors. While you won’t be able to hobnob with developers or take pictures with cosplay babes, the virtual ticket does give you front-row views and replay action of the events, including:

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Developer Q&As
  • Panel presentations
  • Infamous WoW dance contests
  • eSports Starcraft II invitational and WoW arena play

World of Warcraft fans also get bonus Murloc pets for purchasing a virtual ticket, a freebie that no amount of WoW Gold can buy.

Every year, demand for live tickets is always greater than supply, leaving thousands of fans in the dark and dependent on news trickles from videogame sites and amateur video uploads. It was only in 2009 when Blizzard offered a sweet compromise by opening up the venues to professional pay-per-view coverage.

Purchase a virtual ticket here and prepare to sneak off to BlizzCon 2011, YouTube-style.