Superman and Luthor co-op? Sworn enemies unite in DCUO Update 4

Superman and Lex Luthor put aside their legendary rivalry in the just released DC Universe Online Update 4, as both heroes and villains work together to stop Brainiac deep in the Fortress of Solitude.

The evil android has converted the Kryptonite sanctuary into a machine base where he plans to – surprise! – annihilate the whole universe as we know it. Players can join the fight against Brainiac by taking on The Chasm, a new eight-man Group Combat Raid that promises tough boss fights and Tier Three Kryptonian gear rewards.

Game Update 4: Enemies Unite, which was released today, delivers more content for all playstyles:

  • The Batcave Group Combat Alert – Smaller groups can explore The Batcave Outer Caverns, which has been turned into a four-man Group Combat Alert. The encounters have been tweaked to provide comparable challenges and a chance to earn Tier Two Gear and DCUO Cash.
  • Fortress of Solitude PvP Deathmatch Map – Want to blow off some superhero steam? Deep in the Fortress of Solitude lies a new PvP Deathmatch where opposing teams can harness the power of the Sunstone Chamber to decimate enemies in match-up rounds.
  • New Character Customization Features – Roleplayers get a size boost with 12 new character body styles, six each for male and female toons. These include the muscular Brute, the tiny Spark, and other quirky shapes in between.
  • Mission Journal Revamp – Questing superheroes will find it easier to track down Missions with a new and improved Journal, which has a more intuitive search function.

Game Update 4 comes barely a week after the launch of the Fight for the Light expansion, and should provide ample activities to last until the end of summer vacation without having to shell out for the DLC content.

Developers have also corrected a bunch of immersion-busting bugs, like how players can interact with mission givers from the opposing faction. Read the full patch notes to see the full list of fixes, or check out the in-game screenshots inside the Fortress of Solitude.