Dead dragons cause more trouble in RIFT 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen

In RIFT, a dead dragon’s as dangerous as a live one. After spending the last three patches killing two Blood Storm gods – Greenscale in Patch 1.1 and Akylios in Patch 1.3 – the Ascended will have to race against their respective minions who plan to gather their essences in Patch 1.4.

By tracking down the Dragon Motes, the Abyssal and House Aelfwar cultists may try to revive their slain dragon masters and cause another round of mayhem. It will be our mission to stop them (yet again) through the Planar Menace quest line.

If you’re done dealing with those pesky underlings, you can then take on the Water Saga quest line that rewards epic-level loot and a razor-backed Crocnard mount.

For raiders, Patch 1.4 brings a new 10-player raid sliver called “Drowned Halls” and eight new crafted item sets for collection, which can be sold for top RIFT Platinum at the auction house.

You can also take out your rage against the opposing faction with all-new PvP content. PvP rifts will burst into the open world maps, allowing for more dynamic Guardian-Defiant fights in addition to instanced Warfronts.

Based on the latest progress notes, PvP rifts can be opened in the contested zones of Shimmersand, Pine Peak and Stillmoor. Only one rift per zone can be opened at a time using the Ascended Powers purchased with Favor, called Lure of the Unseen and Lure of the Eye.

Or level up a new alt through the cross-shard Looking for Group system that should speed up dungeon queue times. Will this cross-shard functionality dilute community grouping in each shard, or will it improve gameplay tremendously? We’ll know once the feature goes online in a month or so.

To read more about Patch 1.4, browse through the new info page for Legacy of the Fallen. Click through the tabs to see how the update’s shaping up in the graphics department.