Hammerknell raids open in Europe; US to follow

After five weeks of waiting, the Hammerknell Fortress raid instance finally opened in EU shards today, proving true yesterday’s release hint.

A forum poster with connections to EU guilds posted the screenshot above right that allegedly shows raiders entering the gates of Hammerknell, the main raiding content of RIFT Patch 1.3 and the most ambitious dungeon to date with 10 bosses.

US shards are expected to follow in the next few hours, allowing raiders to begin working their way through the mix of Abyssal and Endless Court bosses in this progression order:

  • Murdantix
  • Soulrender Zilas
  • Grugonim
  • Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin
  • Estrode
  • Matron Zamira
  • Sicaron
  • Inquisitor Garau
  • Lord Jornaru and Akylios

Up for grabs for successful clears are Tier 2 drops, world and server first achievements and RIFT Platinum rewards.

The release came with minor hitches that Trion Worlds is busy fixing now. Developers temporarily disabled Rune King Molinar, the fourth fight in the Hammerknell gauntlet, because of a new bug “that could trivialize the encounter,” said community manager James Nichols on behalf of the dungeon-raids team.

“In addition we are also fixing a number of minor bugs and issues that are making a few of the encounters significantly harder than originally intended,” added the dungeon-raids team in a forum post.

Good luck raiders and see you all in the rotting corpse of mad Akylios!