RIFT Hammerknell Raids Start Tomorrow?

Speculation is growing that the Hammerknell dungeon, which has so far been closed off to RIFT raiders will be opened tomorrow, July 27, after a top developer released a not-so-subtle hint.

Dungeons and raids lead Berenger Fish posted the screenshot above right that he said is “an image from one of our dungeon team white boards” and many players take to be confirmation that the 10-boss raid dungeon is on the eve of launching.

Hammerknell, also known as HK in shorthand, will be the largest raiding tier to date that culminates in a multi-stage fight against the Abyssal lord Akylios.

“I understand everybody’s disappointment that we’re not allowed to reveal the date of HK’s release. I will say that we’ve had a very solid release date for many months and that we plan on meeting that date,” Mr. Fish added in the forum post accompanying the white board shot.

For many fans, the 7/27 number can only mean a July 27 release date, as this is on a Wednesday and will match the raid resets of guilds. But if Hammerknell doesn’t open up as expected, this will make endgame RIFT players more impatient for the new content.

The Waves of Madness world event has lasted for more than five weeks since Patch 1.3 went live, and is currently on Phase 4. The long incubation period for the Hammerknell release stems from previous criticisms that the previous River of Souls world event in Patch 1.1 didn’t last long enough for people to get special drops and RIFT Platinum rewards.

If Hammerknell does release tomorrow, it should also signal the start of the final Phase 5 which has been previously confirmed to last up until the next Patch 1.4.