New DCUO expansion asks you to Fight for the Light

Will you take up the protective mantle of Green Lantern or follow the vengeful ways of Sinestro? DC Universe Online forces you to choose between two opposing ring-powered factions in the upcoming Fight for the Light expansion.

Canonically, DCUO players will be inducted into either the Green Lantern Corps or Sinestro Corps, and will be given rings imbued with their namesake powers, including melee punches, uppercuts and deadly weapon forms.

DCUO game director Mark Anderson showcased the beat down you can dish out as a ring-powered hero or villain at the San Diego Comic-Con. Blink and you’ll miss the awesome chainsaw and train attacks in this video interview with Kotaku’s Owen Good.

Combos can be performed by mixing up your innate superhero moves and the imbibed ring powers, resulting in a lightshow assault. But to do so, you need to be at least level 30, which is the minimum level for the DLC content, to use the re-spec tokens and begin incorporating the 24+ new powers in your ability rotation. (Yup, no need to shell out DCUO Cash for those re-specs)

Eager to see what kinds of crazy constructs you’ll be able to perform with that power ring? TenTonHammer scored the first screenshots, showing your future arsenal of jagged shields, boxing gloves and baseball force fields.