Free RIFT game for Founder’s Plan subscribers

In a stealth giveaway over the weekend, Trion Worlds has sent out emails to Founder’s Plan subscribers containing free RIFT game codes.

The said codes unlock a free digital copy plus five days of game time. These can be given to non-RIFT playing friends to entice them into Telara – and hopefully stay for good.

“If you meet the following requirements but did not receive an email with a code please feel free to contact customer support, they’ll be able to assist you,” said community manager James Nichols.

Founder’s Plan free game qualifications

  1. You have an active 3- or 6-month Founder’s plan
  2. You have opted in to receive emails from Trion Worlds (Newsletters section of Account Management)

Mr. Nichols is still confirming whether the free game codes can be used to upgrade Ascend-a-Friend trial accounts.

There’s still no news whether the comparable Summer of Savings subscriptions – which essentially work like the Founder’s Plan subscriptions – will be eligible for the same perk.

Still, it’s a great gesture of appreciation from Trion Worlds for their loyal, multi-month subscribers. RIFT currently retails for around $19.99 (digital standard edition) so a free game copy should lower the barrier of entry, since MMO players with tight budgets can try it out and maybe even spend on RIFT Platinum for fast leveling.