Aion 2.7 Arena Armor is a Black and White Ball

If you put MMO characters side by side, Aion toons would stick out like sore thumbs or, more aptly, like bejeweled fingernails.

NCSoft continually creates the most flamboyant art and costumes for the high fantasy game– just look at these fancy new sketches for Arena armor coming in Patch 2.7, which can put K-Pop stars to shame!

The Ice Queen seems to have been the inspiration for the white set which won’t cost you Aion Kinah but a lot of arena tokens. While the black set, plucked straight out of a torture den, will cost arena and courage tokens from the third arena boot camp, says fan site Aionsource in translating the Korean wiki update.

Click the picture tabs below to get a closer look at these dazzlingly white and darkly demonic outfits.