Aion 2.6 arrives stateside July 28 with solo-friendly dungeon

High-level Atreians can ditch their groups and start training solo when Aion Patch 2.6 hits the PTS server July 28 in North America and unlocks the new Empyrean Crucible 2 dungeon for testing.

Unlike the original Empyreal Crucible launched last May with Aion 2.5, the so-called Crucible 2 will allow level 50+ players to engage in single battle against six stages of mobs. Should you fail, there is a re-entry cooldown of 22 hours between each solo attempt.

NCSoft said Crucible 2 was created due to a strong clamor for more individual-based challenges. This should spark some competition among friends, guilds and factions on who can score the fastest completion time.

Group-oriented players weren’t left in the dust with the new patch. They also got some love with the roll out of an Auto-group feature for eight popular dungeons: ‘Nochsana Training Camp’, ‘Fire Temple’, ‘Steel Rake’, ‘Draupnir Cave’, ‘Dark Poeta’, ‘Udas Temple’, ‘Lower Udas Temple’, and ‘Crucible’.

The Auto-group feature should speed up team formations, but it will only work when a high number of players enter the queue. That’s why NCSoft is giving a Pledge of Victory buff for anyone using Auto-Group, a buff that raises attack, magic boost, healing boost and HP stats.

The rest of Aion 2.6 consists of a few more notable additions:

  • Fresh crafting designs for you to sink your Aion Kinah on.
  • New Runaway Poppy pet, which has a small chance of giving Platinum Medals after being fed.
  • UI improvements like a Relic AP Reward Calculator and a 24 Hz Music listening option.

If you have time, make sure to read the rest of the patch notes for a detailed list of fixes to annoying skill bugs and graphic hiccups.