Pay tribute to these winning RIFT Colossi

Two months and thousands of deviantART submissions later, Trion Worlds has chosen the most impressive fantasy Colossi deserving of cash prizes and random RIFT-sponsored swag.

Last May, Trion Worlds launched the Create a Colossus contest where they tasked artists to conjure their most terrifying idea for a titan from one of the six elemental planes seeking to subdue the world of Telara.

An Earth colossus submitted by Chase-SC2 snagged first prize – along with a cool $1,500 and digital drawing tools – with his rendition of a mountain peak turned six-legged volcanic giant.

“It was a close race, but difficult for the other entries to match the sheer epic-ness of this design. The bottom line is that it got many more “woah, that’s awesome” type comments from the team and any other entry,” said the Trion Worlds judges.

Rounding out the winner’s podium are the Water Colossus by ~Farkwhad (2nd place) and the Touch of Death by ~TheRafa (3rd place), shown in their gigantic form below.

While these skyscraper-sized mobs won’t be making a cameo in your next RIFT raid, they could serve as a springboard for invaders in future patches. We personally wouldn’t mind tackling these Colossi for RIFT Platinum or even for just the thrill of getting stepped on and wiping outright.

If you can’t get enough of these amazing art, you can scroll through the 22 other semi-finalists that range from flying behemoths to towering elementals to one very creepy resin minion.

Congratulations to all!