Couple gets engaged, holds in-game wedding in RIFT

True-to-life romance bloomed in RIFT as two love-struck players from the Guardian faction got engaged for real and married their avatars in the PVP-RP Sunset server, with a priest GM even blessing their nuptials last weekend.

For those of you shaking their heads in disbelief, the couple Hasek and Mischka have actually been living together for a year now, so it was just incidental that they were both playing RIFT and decided that it was a unique way to get engaged.

The couple recorded a short video of their simultaneous proposal and mock marriage held at the Hammerknell Fortress, where the new raiding tier for Patch 1.3 is taking place. Warning though: Cheesy music, kissing, and grandiose vows ensue.

Fortunately, there weren’t vengeful interruptions to the ceremonies, as it sometimes happens in PvP servers. Remember the infamous Funeral raid in World of Warcraft? The groom-to-be happily reported that their Defiant rivals waited for the event to finish before continuing their assault.

Wish the couple well in the YouTube comments, or shower them with symbolic RIFT Platinum for good luck.