Tweaks here and there in new FFXI July version update

Today marks a not-particularly-groundbreaking update for Final Fantasy XI, but what it lacks in headline-grabbing changes are made up for by convenient, quality-of-life improvements. 

Job adjustments and battle system refinements make up the bulk of the July patch, led by Paladin tanking and damage buffs. Meanwhile, Ninja and Samurai main jobs will see slight buffs in a couple of abilities and combat mechanics.

Individual training in the Grounds of Valor is now a bit easier, while on Campaign mode players will get a higher xp cap per evaluation.

Minor but very irritating bugs like the lack of FFXI Gil and xp gains from enemies in Castle Oztroja have also been fixed.

On the UI front, there’s a new /yell command that sends a message to all PCs in one of four areas, depending on where you are: Ru’Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno / Lower Jeuno / Port Jeuno. If you’re worried about /yell spam, a filter can be turned on to keep those yell messages out of your chat screens.

Read the full July version update notes for a full list of these convenience changes.