Being good pays off in new RIFT community ambassador program

RIFT has its share of unsung heroes. These are the fans who write detailed Hammerknell guides and answer soul class questions without getting paid, or even being asked to do so. They do it out of pure love of the game. To show their appreciation, Trion Worlds will knight these good Samaritans as official community ambassadors.

Under the new RIFT Community Ambassador Program, players “who have made the RIFT community a better place through constructive and enthusiastic participation and interaction” will be given a pair of cool perks:

  • Custom title in-game and on the official forums
  • Personal forum area to offer suggestions and feedback on improving the RIFT community

Trion Worlds said future ambassadors will need to be nominated by their fellow players by sending a private message to moderators, or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

We imagine the selection process to be stringent since these will be the model citizens of Telara, looked up to for their exceptional dedication to the RIFT community.

There are already a couple of candidates we have in mind, like the players who report RIFT Platinum spammers flooding the starter zones and “sticky post” writers who save lowbie toons from unnecessary n00bness.

If you’re worried that this will just usher in a jerk-filled class of overlords who think they’re better than everyone else, Trion Worlds reassured that wayward ambassadors who earn infractions on the forums, or get suspended from the game will be stripped of their titles and privileges.