New RIFT class trailer shows Clerics can handle their own, TYVM

There’s a reason why healers are called squishies in MMOs. For all their curatives and protection buffs, they don’t often have the firepower to subdue a rampaging group of mobs. Well, unless you’re playing RIFT.

The new Cleric class trailer below shows off the strong solo build that can be built using the game’s vaunted soul system, with a focus on powerful Shaman damage skills. It also gives some screen time to the traditional party healer and PvP-appropriate nuker builds.

The video is part of a series of promotional ads that suggest how much flexible playstyles can be in RIFT, at least compared to the current fantasy offerings like World of Warcraft and Aion.

It’s a marketing point Trion Worlds likes to drill down to our consciousness, possibly to keep us creating alts and keep subscribed until we’ve exhausted our theorycrafting curiosities. MMO burnout is harder to reach when you know a simple RIFT Platinum payment can reset your skills and have you switching from bored click healer to engaged DPSer.

“Our new Cleric video disproves the long-standing edict that all healers are peace-loving, back-of-the-pack weaklings with a new video profiling the Cleric Calling of RIFT,” said the description that came with the YouTube upload. “Known for their endless wisdom and unyielding faith, the Clerics of Telara are a versatile group, comfortable in support roles or doling out damage with the best DPSers.”

The tank snub seems to be intentional, given that even with the Patch 1.3 Justicar buffs, Cleric tanks are still considered the last choice as a meat shield for raid groups. Besides, all the other classes besides the warrior also didn’t get to tout their tank prowess.

What they could’ve done better though is given cooler-sounding names to the shown Cleric builds. I’m pretty sure the idea of controlling a teleporting sniper or a death dealer, as shown in the previous Rogue class trailer is more appetizing than a generic dungeon healer.