FFXIV goes for simpler, clearer Enmity

The major overhaul to combat continues in Final Fantasy XIV with Square Enix cutting down the complexity of the Enmity mechanic. Also known in other MMOs as “mob aggro,” Enmity will be simplified and shown via a new UI element for easy tracking. 

“The current method of enmity calculation has been deemed excessively complicated, rendering the employment of battle strategies problematic. This was made worse by having no way of checking the constantly changing enmity values,” explained the company in an official blog post.

Square Enix will seem to follow the industry standard formula for computing mob threat. “Different actions will increase enmity to varying extents, with the strength of the delivery (such as damage dealt or HP restored) also playing part in the calculation. Enmity will reset for players who are KO’d or otherwise incapacitated from battle for a certain period of time.”

Players who have long claimed that the Enmity system was biased against them – such that a minor heal or damage spell refocuses the mob on them even when teammates are doing larger-scale actions – are keeping a close eye on these changes.

Groups will also have an easier time funneling mob hate to tanks with a new UI element showing enmity, which will go live in the upcoming Patch 1.18 in mid-July. Seen below are the color signals that will give a hint on who enemies will target and how they will behave.

For a long time, groups would also have paid all their FFXIV Gil to get an Enmity tracker. Now that it’s coming, they can now check the icon beside the enemy HP gauge to easily manage mob hate in each encounter.