RIFT addons now on Curse

With addon functionality arriving in RIFT any day now, the Curse.com website has launched a dedicated RIFT page where Telarans can begin downloading custom addons for the game.

At the moment, there are only a dozen or so applications available. But expect this number to explode once addons become activated in live servers.

When will this be exactly? The latest news from Trion Worlds is that the addon feature is now being tested on Alpha server, which is the last step before actual release. It was supposed to be included in the new Patch 1.3, but due to some bugs, the developers postponed its debut for some final testing.

Hopefully, we can start tweaking our UIs within the month or before Patch 1.4, at the latest.

It’s a testament to success and popularity of RIFT that Curse.com decided to service the game. It is only the second MMO to receive such support on the website.

Curse.com is already one of the biggest add-on distributors for World of Warcraft, with popular applications like Recount (a damage meter display) and Bagnon (an inventory manager) reaching several millions of downloads.

RIFT should see direct equivalents of these addons, since both games share the need to track debuffs, customize cast bars and compare combat performance to the rest of the raid team. Quality of life applications that manage RIFT Platinum across alts and gear inventory should also be indispensable.

Bookmark the RIFT addon page now and check back once in a while to be one of the first to get the nifty addons.